Guide to installing Grim Fandango


Grim Fandango is one of the few games that simply has trouble on new machines.  One of the first official patches helped fix puzzles that ran to quickly on anything above a 400mhz processor.  I waited for the Lucasarts Steam announcement, but was left still needing to research this dilemma.

Upon inserting the disc you are greeted to an autoplay that *may* reject your harddisc space due to inaccurate readings, and the Setup.exe will not run under any variant of 64bit Windows.  I am testing under Windows 7 RC, so this should work under Windows XP, Vista or 7.

  1. Instead, place disc A in the drive, then download and run this Custom installer available here:
  2. I installed to the default Program Files(x86)\
  3. When prompted, insert disc B.
  4. Included in this custom installer is a Custom Launcher (available separately here; NOT NEEDED for this install):
  5. After installed, go to the Options of the Launcher and make sure there is a green check next to Run from Harddrive.

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Animation vs. Textures

she still kicks high

Animation vs. Textures

So, which is more important to you?:

Smooth, fluid animation sacrificing high detailed textures and anti-aliasing? Or do you prefer a hyper realistic look, even if the jump animation just looks a little (or way) off?

Or do you just sacrifice both for a bit of fun (see: Marvel Ultimate Alliance)?

Itagaki likes everything, but specifically mentions “movement and animation” here. Of course, anyone who has played Dead or Alive knows that :)

PC Update

PC Update

We’ve narrowed down some parts, and think we’ve got a good config. Anyone want to comment on it?: