Found the parts. When I flick the switch will it live?


Found the parts.  When I flick the switch will it live?

I’ll think of a name for it over the next few days. My current desktop, ely4sm, is from June ’03, invoiced back in January of 2003. I just dug up the paperwork to double check that. That’s older than I thought. Of course, it was a beast when I bought it, costing over $3000. I worked the whole summer of Senior Year to get the extra $1k to buy my alienware (which lasted one year before they had to cough up a full refund…but that’s another story. With the refund I bought my current desktop). Anyway, this sucker, in its entirety, is still expensive but only a fraction of that: only costing roughly $1300. That’s including a custom heatsink (which I never did get on ely4sm).

Anyway, go check out the final build:

When the parts arrive, I’ll have to put it together. I hope it turns on.

PC Update

PC Update

We’ve narrowed down some parts, and think we’ve got a good config. Anyone want to comment on it?:

There is no ending to: SceneIt?


There is no ending to: SceneIt?

There is no plot to spoil for SceneIt, only the questions. The movie selection is varied, with quite a few older Oscar-winning movies. “It won 13 Oscars?!? How have I not heard of it!” There is a nice selection of easy achievements, and a few trickier ones.

Overall, it is a great party game. The buzzer controllers are fun to use and fairly easy to understand. They use a proprietary IR USB hub. This initially meets with a poor reaction, but they did take this as an opportunity to do something good for the consumer. You can use both a regular controller and SceneIt controller at the same time, letting up to 8 people play in teams of 2…. Continue reading