Irony?: I don't own Mario Kart Wii M …

Irony?: I don’t own Mario Kart Wii

My friends, friends of friends, even the manager at the Subway I frequent, all have Mario Kart Wii. Everybody seems to have played it for at least a bit.

Craig and I (we both own a lot of video games) do not. Does that qualify as Irony?

Bioshock Progress Report #1

Bioshock Progress Report #1

I got past the Vegas sequence. That lasted a bit longer than I would have liked, but at least I was collecting something more interesting than chemicals. My character’s wrench is a bit too powerful. With stacking plasmids, my wrench does far more damage than my fully upgraded shotgun at close range. I don’t even have to use any shock+smack combo; the smack kills them in 1-3 hits. The game’s plot is picking up again, but I know I can’t be that close to the end yet.