There is no ending to: SceneIt?


There is no ending to: SceneIt?

There is no plot to spoil for SceneIt, only the questions. The movie selection is varied, with quite a few older Oscar-winning movies. “It won 13 Oscars?!? How have I not heard of it!” There is a nice selection of easy achievements, and a few trickier ones.

Overall, it is a great party game. The buzzer controllers are fun to use and fairly easy to understand. They use a proprietary IR USB hub. This initially meets with a poor reaction, but they did take this as an opportunity to do something good for the consumer. You can use both a regular controller and SceneIt controller at the same time, letting up to 8 people play in teams of 2….

Since the game is movie trivia, your mileage may vary if you hate movies or simply haven’t seen any American movies. If you have the knowledge, the game design is much simpler and accessible than even Mario Party or Rayman Raving Rabbids. Just about everyone knows how a quiz show works, and it is the same mechanics throughout the match: either buzz in and answer, or answer in secret.

The scene transitions, however, quickly get annoying in how long they take to let you play the next sequence. The loading between rounds as it saves the questions you’ve seen and achievements is also a bit longer. This seems like a technical limitation, but it has not detracted too much yet as this is when a majority of the trash talking occurs. The least interesting game type is also the most common, where you are forced to sit and watch a scene from a movie you:

a) Have seen so many times you have it memorized already, but can’t skip it.

b) A movie you have never heard of and wish you didn’t have to wait 4 minutes to contemplate how badly the ‘a)’ people are going to kick your ass, but you can’t skip it.

The questions are usually fun and interesting, it sometimes just takes a little bit too long to get to them. Instead you sit, waiting to get to do something. This isn’t Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid; it’s a trivia game.

If they take a few nods towards You Don’t Know Jack the next time around, it will be one of the better trivia/party games available on any of the systems. That game series had a great sense of humor, and a good pace in question delivery. In fact, why isn’t there a You Don’t Know Jack as an XBLA or PSN game?

Bonus Points if you can name this character. Extra bonus if you can name the actor without imdb:

You know who this is