pLayday: 1/28 – Halo 3 multi-team or ffa

Master Chief

pLayday: 1/28 – Halo 3 multi-team or ffa

So far, 8pm seems to be a fine time, so let’s run with that for now. People are free to start a bit earlier, but hopefully you’ll stick around for the 8pm-9pm timeslot. We can also run later, too, depending on if people want to.

As for the game of the week….

Halo 3

Let’s pick an easy one. No thinking needed: we ALL own it. I suggest we start out easy and play as a private match to start with, eventually taking it online after a couple of rounds.

Any suggestions as to the type? Multi-team oddball was pretty fun near the end. There are also a couple of Race types, where multi-teams race around the map to a series of checkpoints. Also, I know no one likes to comment, but a roll call of the vocal would let me know if SOMEONE is planning on showing up ;)