pLayday: 9/2 – Castle Crashers

This has inherit limits: only 4 players.  Of course, we could easily start up multiple games if we have more than 4 people.  I can easily see this being a combination of Phokal, Ztynzo, Boramis, Hintzilla or Chue.  If others want to play, but don’t want to plop down the cash for Castle Crashers,

come on over.

We/You could play a local game on the big TV, and I could setup an online match on the office box.  If you’re reading this and it sounds good to you, post and let me know so I can figure out how many empty player slots we’ve got.

If we have a large turn-out, we can always switch to another title, such as GTA4, Halo, COD4, or Rockband (large local turn-out).